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Disc Brake conversion is one of the first things that I am going t do for "Mable" (Girls always like new shoes) when I get back.

First let me recommend that you go to:

This is the link under Ray's sig and is available elsewhere.

Scroll down to the section on "Disc Brakes Conversions"

Ray has put a ton of stuff there and I have found it quite useful.

Here is a link to a post there with about 28 pages of discussion that has a lot of good points:
(Scroll down to start at Post 1) Good stuff there!

There is so much good stuff in the Tech Section that you may not be seen for days.

There is also a good Post and Links that Ray and Dave have put together on Combination, Proportioning, metering and residual valves.

BTW Ray - I think one of the links on Proportioning valves has changed. Here is the new one:

There are also a couple of good articles in Gil's Garage:
and here:

This last article and the info I got from here prompted me to send a question to CASCO yesterday and ask them about installing a "Residual" valve in addition to their "Kit" and "Combination Valve".

Here also are a couple of shots from their catalog. I am not affiliated and don't want to start a "But this vendor and that vendor" argument but only post them because Dave asked about specific vendors.

I have some other thoughts on replacing the spindles vs. buying a kit but will save those and post them when I get an answer back from CASCO ( ) on the residual valve.

I also think it is good to convert the rears to "Self-Adjusting"

Also a couple of considerations with the new Dual Master Cylinder:
1. a new longer heat shield should be used (Sanderson Headers look like they "aim" down away from the MC and reduce the heat - Yea, that's my excuse to put headers on my want list)
2. probably convert to DOT5
3. another reason for the combination valve is to isolate the front and back systems in case one of the systems fails you still have the other.

I added the Prestige Thunderbird page with their kit also. I couldn't find a Combination valve in their catalog but they may have one or recommend one if you talk with them.

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