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Default Thread/Response lineup order

You know, Paul if you don't like the way the threads are displayed why don't you change it? After all YOU control the way many features of this Forum work..... Those are settings YOU could have selected when you became a member.... Click on User CP (User Control Panel) in the black border above.. That will open up your User information for you to modify. You will see all the things that YOU control... Including how you view this Forum... Go down to Edit Options. Click on it. Go down to Thread Display Options. In Visible Post Elements you will probably want to put a check in each box so you can see them, if they are not checked. Go to Thread Display Mode. If you want to see the first post in a thread instead of the last one, select Linear - Oldest First. That way, you will see the original post, followed by all the replies to it. I would leave the next two in the block set to User Default. Slide down to the bottom of that page and you will see where it says Save Changes... Click on it and when you go to a Forum (any Forum) you should be viewing the initial posts in a thread first and all the responses underneath it. If you see other things that you don't like and that can be changed in Edit, make your changes, but always remember to do a Save Changes or they will not take. I hope this helps you and anyone else who has a problem with this. Me, I prefer Liner - Newest First because I long ago read all the old posts on a thread. I read ALL threads on this Forum and ALL posts, as do our other Administrators and Moderators. It is YOUR choice as to how you look at this Forum...... So if you think our Forum looks "terrible" in the way it is displayed... Fix it or leave it as it is!..... It's YOUR choice....

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