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Originally Posted by paul274854 View Post
I belong to or read a number of car and other sites. Almost all the sites have the original posting first and then the replies.

This site is just the opposite and is, quite honestly, in my opinion, terrible. I prefer to read the original question first to see if it interests me. If it does, then I go through it. Just the title does not usually tell me if it is of interest to me. Having to scroll through all the replies can be a royal pain.

I think this should be changed.
Paul, I too am a member of other sites and what you say is, for the most part true. I have been a member of this site for 3 years and read this site everyday, several times a day...

In my opinion, this site is fantastic and much prefer it to any other site. I feel the core group of folks on this site and the frequent contributors are top notch genuinely open, honest and willing people. I am generally familiar with the subject matter of a post as I have most certainly read thru the first day it was posted, or shortly thereafter. If that post topic does not interest me, or no longer interests me, then I don't often times ever go back to it. Thusly I typically do not do a lot of scrolling thru past successive posts. If perhaps I might be curious as to what a particular member has offered as a comment to the post, I just mouse click on the little icon to the right of the member's name on the daily (current) post. That brings me right to his/her post and I don't have to scroll thru every thing else.

Obviously I think the should be left the same as it is and always has been. I have been a member for 3 years and have 400 some posts. Others have been members for much, much longer and they have literally thousands of posts. In my three years, I don't recall ever seeing this concern or request being offered or suggested before.

I guess it all depends what one is looking for in a forum's format. Prior to 2008 I spent the bulk of my time on another, but since I was introduced to this forum by Ray, I have concentrated my reading and reponses to

This otta be an interesting dialogue with further member's responses. I can hardly wait!
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