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I would also like to give a personal welcome from our Webmaster, administrators and moderators to the 40+ new babybird members that have joined our site recently. Although we might be a little biased we believe that this is the best TBird site on the planet. Our members / guests continually monitor our site to assist, suggest, provide direction and tips in the restoration / repair of our classics. This new forum ( as Ray has stated ) has taken off rapidly with the 40+ members and to very honest we are very impressed. Now WE (Webmaster, admin / moderators) need your help, as we would like someone to step up to the plate and be a moderator ,of this newly created forum. Typically this would be a member who owns a babybird ( 55-57) and has some working knowledge to assist our other members. This does not require a lot of your time as I am on our site about 3-4 times per week but will benefit all members. Think about it and if you are interested please send a PM ( private e-mail ) Simplyconnected, Yellowrose or myself to get you started.
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