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Just my two cents about displaying pictures:

Sharing pictures is a very essential part of this site, whether we are explaining restoration details or just showing our rides, events, or ourselves. We want to see your pictures. Coral, our Help Desk Moderator and Administrator, can answer any of your questions about, "How do I..." She's very good at seeing members through any task. PM her or write a post in the 'Help Desk' forum.

Private Message can be found on the above BLACK BAR, under User CP (user control panel).

When you use a free picture service (like Photpbucket), just points to the link. Two things happen; you can change your pictures at that site any time you wish, and it really doesn't use any of our space, here.

Of course, if you become a paid member, I will allocate 20-MB of your own space (for your own web site, pictures, videos, or any kind of files) right here on

Please don't go over 800 pixels wide on any picture. If you do, text on the same thread will go that wide, too. That means we all have to scroll right and left to read everyone's posts (a PITA IMHO).

At the expense of looking foolish please allow me to aver: Ask Coral (at the Help Desk) for help, even if you think it's insignificant. The only dumb question is the one that's never asked. We all start out with the same frustrations.

Aside from 'pictures', we do everything we can to protect our members from all forms of attack. Spam, flames, obscenities, slurs, or just plain bullying will be quickly deleted. We have youngsters and ladies (including Alexander's widow) who depend on us to keep the most friendly and helpful Thuderbird on the planet. That was Alexander's mission. We choose to manually screen new members before they are allowed to join as a safeguard for our present members. Ray (Yellowrose)will not just let anyone in, so please hold any criticisms until he catches up with his job. If there are any problems or issues with the registration process we will straighten it out, so please bear with... - Dave Dare
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