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Default 58 Rear suspension "issues"

Does anyone know, or maybe have the heart to check on your own 58, the length of the spacer ( metal tube ) that sits inside the two isolators on the rear axle. After m u c h work on all possibilities I have located the problem with my stiff rear end and limited suspension travel to this area. My isolators are the original rubber, meaning they are very hard after +50 years, but I know that my spacers are not original, so I need to find out the original length if I ever is to have the rear suspension working properly. I need to find some real soft isolators also, in order to get this work as it should.
On a bonus note, it would be interesting to know if you have the treads even to the nut or how far ( or how many treads ) you might have through the nut.
Thanks in advance,
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