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Default Those "Thunderbird Illustrated" Magazines..

I just uploaded the final article from the 4th magazine. I have four more magazines to go through. Fall 1974 Vol 1 Nr 1 contains these uploaded articles. "How Thunderbird Got Its Name"; "The 1966 Thunderbird"; "The 1962 Thunderbird Roadster"; Winter 1975 Vol 1 Nr 2 (There was a break in publication between Fall 1974 and Winter, 1975 apparently) contains these uploaded articles. "1958 Thunderbirds - A New Era of "Square Birds"; "Ford's Attempted Resurrection Of The "Early Birds", the story of the XT-Bird that never made it into production; "Trouble-Shooting 1960-1966 Thunderbird Convertible Tops", and if you own one, you will want to print this article out and make good use of it. Lots of good technical and wiring information here!; "1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster"; Spring 1975 Vol 1 Nr 3 contains these uploaded articles. "The Rise And Fall Of The Thunderbird Convertible"; "A 200MPH 1956 Thunderbird"; "1960 Thunderbirds - End Of An Era"; Summer 1975 Vol 1 Nr 4 contains these uploaded articles. "Stainless Is Forever"; "When Thunderbirds Ruled Daytona"; "Thunderbird Sport Roadsters - The Grand Experiment". So there ya go. I will start working on the 5th magazine next. I hope you are enjoying the articles. There is some good historical stuff and technical stuff. Keep in mind these articles were written in the mid 70's, when these cars were still fairly new. Also, there are a lot of good Babybird articles in these magazines that I did not extract because we have no Forum for Babybirds. I did extract the racing history involving the Babybirds and the Squarebirds because I found it interesting to read about the racing history of our Tbirds, and thought you would also.

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