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Default 1964 T-Bird Oil Pump Installation

Need some help. My son and I needed to replace the gasket on the oil pan (was leaking). To drop the pan you have to unbolt the oil pump. That was easy...

How do you reinstall the oil pump? The repair manual says to place pump in pan, and raise pan up and rest on the cross member (cross member is in way, so cannot lift pan straight up, that is why the oil pump had to be removed). Somehow we are supposed to install the pump drive shaft into the oil pump and into the distributor shaft hex opening. There is only a couple of inches (maybe 2) to manipulate it. There must be a technique for this.

The other thing I was thinking about is installing the pump without the shaft. Then I could remove the distributor and install the shaft from the top. Any thoughts on this?

Appreciate any help.
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