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The usual areas of most wear for the shift linkage is in the shift collar and the working end of the shift lever. You will probably notice that the holes for the shift lever roll pin in the shift collar are oblong rather than the round roll pin diameter it is supposed to be. The working end of the shift lever is rounded instead of square after years of use.

The good news is that both the shift collar and the shift lever are now reproduced. The shift collar B7228A costs about $100. I am not sure how much the lever costs.

I had the same problem in my 1959. Unfortunately there were no repro pieces at the time. I epoxied in a hollow rivet in the shift collar to make it round again. I had to buy a NOS piece for the shift lever - not cheap.The alternative to buying a whole shift lever is welding metal onto the rounded edges and then filing them square. You will need to know the shpe of the original lever end for this. I have seen a lot of worn levers. It is amazing how much wears away on some.

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