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Default Thunderbird Illustrated Article on Golde Top

I acquired the Spring 1975 issue of Thunderbird Illustrated. The article that got my attention was "The End of the Squarebird Era". Was not sure what it was about but had to read it.

Essentially it is an overview of the 1960 line (chastised by one magazine as "least changed") but what it really focuses on is Golde Tops and the one owned (then) by Jim and Mary Miller.

It has, for example, all of the costs - base and options. Hence while the Golde Top had a base cost of $3755, as it rolled out the dealer's door it was up to $5634 ! ( I do have to laugh when I see that $9.50 was charged for backup lights. The nerve!! )

At any rate, my reason for the post is to see if there is any interest in scanning the article in and making it available for people. The color photos will suffer but the 7 page article might be worth having. We could probably make it available through the Squarebird site. The copyright is to "Thunderbird Publications" so I suspect it has long vanished (I admit to being no legal scholar, however!)

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