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Originally Posted by c4clewis View Post
I have just finished having airride installed on my '59. It took quite a bit of engineering for the front air bags to fit in the narrow spring pockets up front. The shop ended up having to slightly modify the lower control arm to accept the custom shockwave mounts. Ridetech should have these ready to go now for the squarebirds (thanks to performance car craft for their work).
As for the rear, you can go with the airoverleaf from ridetech. I opted for a 4-link conversion (purest, insert hatemail here) in the rear. If you want to see pictures you can go to and scroll down to "Matt and Sarah's T-bird" for pictures on the work.

I am having the shop do the airride conversion and paint and body. Then I'm taking it home for the rest... I just realized I'm not a good enough painter (yet) to get the job I want on it.
That looks like a nice setup. Are you planning on using a panhard bar or watts's link for lateral stability? Mike
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