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Default Correct bolts

Originally Posted by 61Bulletbird View Post
Thanks Ian and Graeme,

One more question , what are the correct bolts to use for the hood to hinge bolts (2 per side )

And the and the hood hinge attaching bolts (3 per side)
I'm thinking about buying some under hood hardware with the correct black finish.These are the ones used on the hood latch and catch.

are all these bolts BOLT BLACK 5/16"-24 x 1" FLANGE HEAD, DOG POINT

or 5/16-24 x 1 hex head dog point screw with captive conical tooth washer .

Any help or pics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again
Sorry for late responce had to deal with bell on computor updates. I checked on my two cars and the correct bolts are the second ones with the captive conical tooth washers Ian
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