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I installed my headliner myself. I used a poly fabric between the roof and headliner for added heat and sound blockage since I couldn't find more of the "stuff" Ford used - mine was in good shape just wanted a little more insulation. The poly fabric weighed next to nothing so didn't think it would make it sag and so far so good. (4-5 years?) The paper tack strips were still in good shape on mine so didn't have to replace them. I tried 4-5 different electric staplers and 4-5 different size staples but never could get them to work. Even went to a hardware store and bought the biggest baddest electric stapler they had - no luck.

Went by a trim shop that a friend recommended and he laughed at trying to use an electric stapler. He let me borrow his air stapler and it went very easily. He gave me his box of staples too but I don't remember what size they were other than they fit his gun. Only advice I can give is to cut the initial hole for the light very small if it is not already cut out - almost cut mine too big the first shot because of shrinkage when steaming the wrinkles out. The headliner shrank more toward the front so the hole "moved" to the front of the car.

I ordered a headliner from one of the parts houses and it was waaaay off in color. Very white compared to mine and there was no difference in color in mine between the exposed parts and the parts hidden from sunlight for 40 years behind the chrome trim. Took the original to an upholstery shop and had them match the color and grain. Came out great and was only $25 more than the one I ordered.

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