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Default Alexander's '67 Buick!

Some of you know that Alexander used to have a 1967 Buick LeSabre that he had for some time. If I have the chronology correct this is the car he had before he got his first Tbird. Some of you probably remember that he often talked about Keith, who did a lot of the work on his Tbirds. Keith "inherited" so to speak, that old Buick and it has been sitting for some time now. A good friend of Alexander's, Tom Cangialosi emailed me some weeks ago, talking about trying to obtain and restore Alexander's Buick. He contacted Keith, found out where the car was, and decided he was going to go ahead and restore Alexander's car in his memory. He talked with Julie regarding this, and she was pleased. Here is what Tom has had to say about obtaining the car and starting the restoration process.

"I was lucky enough to find the pictures Alexander sent me of the car back in 2007. She doesnít look too bad and I am looking forward to starting work. Julie has been great and will work with me to get a replacement title. My only snag has been arranging transport from Keithís house out in Mattituck, Long Island to my office here in Tinton FallsNJ07724. Itís about 155 miles one way. Keith has promised to air up the tires, pull her out of the weeds and get her on solid blacktop next week. I just need to pick her up.

It's a sharp car and I'm anxious to begin working on her. This is a not for profit venture and anyone who can help will be welcomed. I'm sure the brakes, fuel system and suspension need work. Keith told me Alexander used it as his driver until he bought the Mark VIII in 1998. I'm bidding on a spare engine now on eBay. It's a 340 V8.

I have a friend who may be able to provide his help with an auto transport trailer but the availability varies. Can you please reach out to the Square Bird folks to see if anybody has any resources? The $600 plus for a flatbed rollback to get it is money Iíd rather put toward the restoration.

Any help would sure be appreciated.


Tom Cangialosi
Fleet Manager
The Standard Group

If you live in the Long Island or Tom's New Jersey area and have a flatbed rollback or other vehicle suitable to transport the Buick, that you would be willing to donate some time to or provide it at a reduced rate, Tom would really appreciate it. I think it is great that Tom and his wife, also named Julie, want to restore Alexander's old Buick to it's former glory. If you care to donate further to the cause of restoring her, please contact Tom. You have his telephone number above. If you can help him, please contact him and let me know here also. Here are the pictures that Alexander sent to him before he passed away.
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