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As Ray mentioned last weekend my son and I hosted a get together down at our shed/workshop, which is where our ever growing band of cars have been banished to by the home economics engineer / managing director.

We invited a few T-Bird owners on very short notice and put on an impromptu BBQ. Fellow Squarebirds member Ian Nelson rolled up in his recently arrived in OZ '58 on it's shakedown cruise. And shakedown it was, as they ran out of brakes on the freeway momentarily. It was Ian and his lovely wife Helen doing the shaking!
Their friends Bruce and his wife have also purchased a '58 which is somewhere between California & Perth as we speak but they brought their '58 Fairlane for a cruise. The unofficial president of the unofficial T-Bird Club here in Perth, Paul from Oceanside Thunderbirds brought his fabulous Baby bird down as well. At the time, I only had my '59 there so there was a nice little nest of T-Birds there.

As you can imagine after spending time admiring all that metal, we settled into solving the world problems and generally telling fibs.

We are just about to install a 4 post hoist at the shed which should assist greatly and save my back from lying on cold concrete. Once that is all done I will post some pics of the Birds new home (if I can fit my cars in along my son's!!)

Paul runs the T-Bird site for Oceanside Thunderbirds and here is the link to the shed day

Another day will be planned soon with many more invitees and a lot more notice!
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