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Default Generator Still A Problem- Going Nuts

i have a 1960 bird, 352 with a/c. the gen light was on when i bought it. i figured easy fix. not so.

to dated. i have replaced the generator with 2 rebuilt ones, and replaced the vr.

i also, made my own wires 1 - 8 ag, 2- 10 ga. i attached the 8ga to the back of the gen (arm) and attached it to the arm, on the vr. i attached the other two wires to their respective locations. field and grd.

still the gen light is on. i put a volt meter on the bat clip on the vr, and no matter if i accelrate it or not, i only get around 12 volts and the gen lights on.

i am not wild about connecting the field and the arm to the battery. when i do that, it sparks and the voltage (with the car off) goes to 9.5 or 10.

it just doesn't sound right.

so either i am very unlucky and i got 2 bad gens, or something else is happening here.

is there anyway, to test voltage from the gen attached to the car, without involving battery?

i am really perplexed on this one. oh, the starter switch is a bit goofy. you have to push it in then turn it, to start. else it will just turn and turn with no action. i mention this just in case this comes into to play somehow.


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