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Angry Brakes start to drag when outside temps go up.

I took the My 59 out for a drive in the late afternoon and the outside temp was around 97 degrees F. I drove the car about 6 miles and the brake pedal begin to get harder to push down. I only had about 3/4" to 1 1/2" movement but the car would stop really quick. I pulled up and parked next to this guy and got out of my car. He said, hey man your tail lights are on. So I opened the hood and unplugged one wire from the brake light pressure switch. I felt the master brake cylinder and it was very, very hot. Like you couldn't keep you hand on it. ( I have never had any problems with the engine over heating it usually runs about 195 to 210 degrees at idle and 180 to 195 degrees running down the road on a hot day.) Any way I felt the master brake cylinder and then down onto the brake line that goes down to the connection where the brake lines split to the front brakes and back brakes where very hot. But once I got away from the engine the lines were just warm. After about an hour with the hood open with engine off the brake pedal had the normal movement it was supposed to have and the brake lights would function properly. I had this problem before I replaced the power brake booster, master brake cylinder, brake pressure switch, all wheel cylinders, brake flex lines and brake shoes. Everything is adjusted to specs.
Another guy that was looking at my car said, that he had a 58 and when it was hot he would brun up brake shoes because the brake fluid would expand from just engine heat. It makes me wondering if I need to shield it from the engine heat?
Anybody out there have this kind of problem? Sorry for being so long winded.
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