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Here's a portion of a picture of your door from the Parts Catalog:

Jim, you need a flat, sheetmetal, tool, designed for Ford door handles. They are available everywhere. Simply line-up the tool with the "C" clip on the inside of the handle, and push the clip out. This takes some practice to get it right. The clip is part number 357550-S.
After the clip is out, the handle will pull straight out, and you should be able to put the clip back inside the handle.
I will leave you a PM (Private Message).

Grant, thanks for the kudos. I've been at 12,000 feet in Colorado mountains, and I truly appreciate the affects of pressure drop and thin oxygen. Even modern cars have a hard time breathing, and lose a lot of HP. If you have wrenched on cars up there, you experienced a lot more than most mechanics down here.

Let's help Jim out... I believe most emissions test machines will tell the air:fuel ratio your car is at. We strive for 14.7:1 for efficiency, but you want to run a little richer than that to prevent pre-ignition and detonation. Left running lean, detonation will burn a hole through your pistons (usually down the side).

Richard Hord, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your engine was manufactured before unleaded gas... you need to pull your heads and have hardened exahust valve seats installed. For most of us, that's a good opportunity to have a valve job done. Don't ever go cheap on your heads. They are a MAJOR engine component. - Dave

EDIT: I looked up the official year we started using unleaded gas. For on-road vehicles, it was 1975 (the same year we started using catalytic converters). I got that wrong because my 1980 Harley FXS did NOT have hardened seats, so I had them installed. Apparently motorcycles were not considered to be on-road vehicles. The Clean Air Act banned the sale of leaded fuel for use in on-road vehicles in 1996.
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