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Default I learn more each time...

Thanks much gentlemen. I am learning a ton. I need to do a vehicle history report to see where the car was delivered. I am not sure if Denver was this Bird's original landing zone. I will get ZDDP, thanks! I am very curious about the lean carb. Is there a way of telling without tearing the carb apart? Yes I have been in the carb already, just to look at it, and that beast sparkles. I had the radiator "repaired," and it popped another hole. So you still think repair is better than replace? What kind of things do you carry with you when you drive. I want to have an emergency kit, fan belt, radiator hoses, that sort of stuff, are there any "must haves" in the kit, outside of those and fluids? And also, I want to change the spark plug wires, and points, are they hard to find (no smart comments about where they are under the hood, I figured that out already!), or are they common Ford parts? I got it tuned up, and all the fluids changes, including differential before I left Denver. Okay, I think I'm writing a book here, so I'll stop for the time being. Do I have to be a "contributing" member to post pictures? I hit the picture link , and it asked for a URL. I have no URL. Usually a browser pops up, is it possible to get that here?
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