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Nice one!!! As the Restoration rolls on over the months and the car starts to look better and better you will think of that day you collected that car, I think we all do remember that special day...well great choice as restoring one is not that hard and all can be found here to help.
And after 1200+ miles then i dont think you purchased any rubbish.

The more you learn about the Squarebird the more you will know how much a milestone car in Fords History and other car makers the 1958-60 T-bird is.

I have purchased interiors from Concours parts in Nevada and from Larrys T-Bird in California...always a great fit for my Fords as well as T-Birds.

Oh, and your not Ignorant don't put yourself down your a Squarebird owner now so keep you head up....and ask away! thats what this site is for..HELP!

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