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Default Weekend drive

I drove about 150 miles this weekend to get the Tbird to my new workshop and I learned a lot about it. The power is good and it ran 65 to 70 mph effortlessly. Wife followed me and no visible smoke except when I went to full kickdown to merge into some traffic. However, oil pressure is a concern. When cold, I'm seeing 50 psi at road speed. When warmed up it drops to about 35 psi. At idle, it's good when cold, but drops to 10-15 psi at idle. Is this indicative of main bearing wear?

Also, the drivers power window started moving down and I quickly reversed it with the button when I was parking it to leave it. It's like it tripped the breaker, but these breakers don't have a reset correct? The failure was coincidental with trying to operate it. Can someone tell me where the 15 amp breakers are located and do they reset automatically?
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