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Default "Tweety Bird" Revealed!!

Hi John,

Thanks! When I was looking for a '59, I wasn't looking for a yellow one. As I have said before, I was looking for a turquoise one instead but could not find one for sale at the time. Later, after I bought her, I did. So I settled on yellow because that was Faye's favorite color of rose, but brighter. She also liked Tweety Bird a lot and had a lot of blouses or shirts with Tweety Bird on them. In fact, there is a stuffed Tweety Bird that sits behind the couch that my grandkids have played with for years. It is going in the car eventually I would imagine.

Yes, it is bright, and yes they are going to start the rubbing and post paint procedures in a couple of days, after the paint dries really well. Then it will be time to put the chrome back on, which has now all been re-chromed and is all sitting in my garage, along with half the interior that has to be put back in! I can't wait to see what she will look like with newly re-chromed bumpers, grill, tail lights that have shined up, spears, door handles, new mirror and trim. Probably by the end of next week, that will be done. I am going to miss the VTCI Regional in Fort Worth, it seems, unfortunately..

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