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Originally Posted by davidvend View Post
Grounded the generator wire y/blk stripe from the gen light it doesn't light the bulb...
Great! Now you know the problem isn't at the alternator or the voltage regulator. Re-check your light bulb. A GE-57 should work just fine:
It's a 14-volt, and around 1/3-amp. You really do need this bulb to work properly.

Originally Posted by Richard D. Hord View Post
Hey David,
Read my post and do as I did and gen light will work!
Richard D. Hord

Originally Posted by Richard D. Hord View Post
First you want to purchase one wire GM Del-co alternator with internal regulator and pulley. Richard, he doesn't have a GM 1-wire alternator. He's got a FORD alternator with an EXTERNAL regulator. It's different from the original setup and totally different from the GM setup.

A GM 1-wire alternator doesn't use a 'sense' wire. That's why it doesn't start charging until you hit about 2,000-RPM. It also doesn't know if the key switch is on or not.
...Arm post on voltage regulator you should have yellow heavy gauge wire and small yellow wire with black stripe. Go to wires on drivers side at firewall and look for small yellow wire with black stripe, cut it. NO! Don't cut the GEN light wire! It should shine bright if you throw an alternator belt, or if the alternator isn't charging.
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