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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Anders, there are some things I don't know about your installation:

Did you take any pictures before you started, for reference? No pic on the car, but in all honesty, there was only 2 bolts here. I even marked the front & rear part of the arm, even though itīs looks like you can mount it either way. But I was very careful and took the pic on "my wooden floor" so I could see how everything came from the car

Did you tighten the bushings when the car was level? Yes. By jacking up the rear axle to the extent it lifts the car, itīs the same as standing on the wheels. ( in my opinion.... )This is important. It applies to the front steering suspension as well. At the factory, installers left all the bolts loose until the car was level, then a man underneath (in the pit) tightened everything. We do that today, as well. This confirm my suspiction that I might need to take it up on a lift, loosen "everything" and tighten it back. A lift where the car stands on the tires that is of course.

Are you sure all the components are in their right places? Yes. There is no doubt. There is only 1 screw in the front position, and 1 screw with a nut on the rear axle. I took them off and took a picture ( earlier post ) so every washer came as it was

When the car was new, assembling suspension parts was always a challenge. The parts are big, heavy, and hard to control. Parts do not fall into place. Assemblers (big men) used drift pins to align holes for the bolts.

If it is any consolation, Chevy had the same assembly issues as Ford. - Dave
Big thanks for the tips. Please keep them coming
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