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Default Got my restored plate back

I finally got back my restored plates from Darryl's in Pennsylvania. He did a great job fixing the plate. It had some bends and was mangled on the bottom edge. They restoration price was $40, plus $25 for the excess damage on the bottom, plus $6 shipping. The price was quite reasonable and the restoration superb. In fact the plate is better than new. The other plate that I thought was near mint had bubbles, runs, wrinkles and smears that appear original. After all, prisoners not artists made the plate. On top of that, in 42 years the paint has faded, so the original now looks quite horrible next to the restoration. I think I will send that one back now to have it restored.

The only problem I have with Darryl is that he takes a very long time. He received both my plates in December 28, 2001. I did not get the plates back until today. I can't criticize his work though. I have seen some of his other plate restoration on cars my friends have. No one does a better job.

I am so happy that I can finally mount these plates on my 1960 Golde Top. It has been registered with these plates for over a year. I had to make sure the number was available prior to sending them for restoration. All summer I drove around with some old plates I had that did not match the registration. Luckily the authorities never noticed that.

Darryl's site is at .

1959 Hardtop
1960 Golde Top

1959 Hard Top
1960 Golde Top
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