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Default Disc Brake Ready 14" Rims

I forgot to mention that the supposed Granada rims I have been getting have the nubs on them for mounting dog dish style hubcaps. Others may not have them. The rims I have on Rose now sure do not have those nubs, nor are they disc brake ready rims. Now, I cannot tell you for sure that the ones I picked up from Southside Auto Parts are off Granada's because I did not see them get them off the car. What I did see was the guy going out to a stack of tires and pulling tires out that had rims with the right lug holes, center hole, 14x6" rims that were disk brake ready. He said they were Granada rims. I do not know how he knew. Maybe he meant they are "Granada style" rims. For all I know, they could have been off any of the other cars that are in the list below. But at least they are disc brake ready rims of the right type we need.

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