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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Anders, I'm a little baffled. A HUNDRED BUCKS??? (picking myself up off the floor)

Check out this part number:

It is an Upper Control Arm Bushing for a 1958-60 Thunderbird.

Mac's has 36 of them for US$6.95/each + shipping.

Am I missing something here? A lot of vendors have this part. Does your car have Air Bag Suspension? - Dave
Yes, I think you have the front control arm bushing, Anders is talking about the rear bushing.

Anders, I didn't think they were even available, there aren't many of our 58's around so I would guess the higher cost is due to the limited market and hence the higher production costs to make a small run of parts.

I would guess that I am not to far behind you though in needing to replace those bushings.
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