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Default Welcome, Doug H

I have been in contact with Doug, who did buy this '60 Golde Top "barn find" after all. It turns out that although he was told that it was a J Code, or a Golde Top with a 430CI engine in it, it is not. It is a Golde Top with, according to the data plate, a 352 engine in it. He also found some paperwork with it that indicated that it is a 352 engine. So he was disappointed about that, but it is still a fairly rare Golde Top, since there were only 2,536 of them built. He has the VIN # and Data Plate information and ran it through the Tbird Registry. He found it is #1537 in the Registry.

Doug decided that he would buy this fairly rare Tbird and try to find a buyer who wants to restore her to a daily driver status or better. Rather than see her rust away in a field. He does not have the time or the money to spend to restore her. He is hoping that someone will buy her and bring her back to life. So if you know of anyone who might be interested in restoring her, put them in contact with Doug. His email address and phone number are on his initial post.

It also turns out that she has spent more time in a field, perhaps than she did in that barn... He has sent me a number of pix, some of which I will post. She is not in as great of a condition as she might have been if she had spent much of her last years in that barn instead of a field. She does not seem to have a lot of rust issues though, that he can see. The hood seems to be bent in at the front, which is not allowing it to come up freely. He thinks he might be able to reach in with a rachet and get those bolts loose to take the hood off.

Here is some information regarding this Tbird that he was able to obtain from the Data Plate and paperwork in the glove box. VIN# 0Y71Y124367---body#63A---color M---trim#85---date06A---trans#4---axle#3. No owners manual was found or orig.sticker, unfortunately, but there is a receipt of purchase from Pay Less Cars dated 2/14/62 for $3296.80 paid in full with the same name as on the Oregon title he was given, issued 03/07/73. Last registration in the old visor pocket is California, 1972. Quite a few receipts for work done over the years in Concord, CA. including an engine overhaul at 67,694mi. on 5/23/66. The odometer now reads 81043.

It is to bad it does not have a 430CI engine in it, but, as I said, a Golde Top 352 is still pretty rare. Lets see if we can find her a new home. He does not want to part her out, but thinks she is still worthy of being restored. Here are some pix.
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