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Thanks, everyone. I enjoy helping, and I wish to extend my greatest thanks to everyone who actively supports Alexander's legacy, "". He was great for starting this site, and we are blessed every time we sign on.

Squarebirds Administrators, Webmasters, Moderators, and those who came before me, upheld the high standards and Family Content that Squarebirds is famous for. I hope to continue that legacy with your help. We are all members of this common labor of love; our Thunderbirds and Ford Cars.

Driller has already helped, tremendously. He knows this site better than anyone, so I will follow his guidance.

Ray Clark already has a list of tasks, cocked and ready to go. It looks like I'm going to be very busy. (Go easy, Ray... it's cruisin' time again.)

Richard, you're a great guy. I'm counting on us meeting because you are very knowledgeable, not just about Thunderbirds, but all kinds of cars and trucks! Too bad we don't live closer so we could do a project together.

Thanks again Dan and everyone, for allowing me to help. - Dave
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