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Default Welcome, Doug H !!

Hi Doug!

Glad to see you post. Anyone of our members, anywhere in the world, can see what we post. So they all know about your neat barn find! Congratulations on buying it! We are very pleased that you have saved this classic Tbird from a rusty demise. We just hope that someone who really wants to fix up a Golde Top 430CI Tbird will buy it from you and restore it to it's former glory. From what you have told us about it so far, it seems to be in fairly good condition. As I said on the phone, if you will write down the VIN # and all the data off the Data Plate and send it to me, I can tell you more about it's history. Especially, if it has been in the Tbird Registry before. Find out from the previous owner all you can about it. Who bought it originally, if you can, how long it was stored in the barn. How many previous owners. Anything that will give us a better idea about the car.

When you get the chance, take some good external and internal pictures with a good digital camera. Open the trunk and check that out. You might be surprised as to what is in that! See if you can get the hood to release without damaging it, to get some good engine well pictures. All these things will help you market it down the road. You can send those pictures to me and I will post them for you.

When you go to trailer that Tbird, if you are going to use a wrecker type flat bed, or any trailer, make SURE that you have a proper sloping incline so that the rear or front end does not drag on the ground getting it on and off the trailer. You have to be very careful that it does not dig in and damage the front or the rear of the car. Usually, a wrecker type flat bed will hoist it from the rear onto the flat bed.. Just be careful that you do not damage anything in up and down loading of it... You have my email and my phone number, so if I can be of further help, let me know.

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