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Default Welcome, Doug H !!

I just spoke with Doug to see if he had taken any action on this Golde Top 430 yet. He has not, but he is thinking of doing so. Right now, the owner hauled it out of the barn where it had been sitting for many years, I gather. It is sitting in a field now, having been put there recently. He thinks it is a one owner car, but not sure.

From what Doug saw of it, it appears to be all original. It looks to be in fairly good condition, with minimal rust, from what he could see. It is a white '60 with what looks to be a black top, and a red interior. The interior will have to be redone. He said that was not in the best of shape. The Golde Top looks like it has been popped open, but not actually open. It has probably been unlocked, but not pushed back. It appears to be a 100% original car. He was not able to get the hood open to look at the engine. There does seem to be some problem with opening the hood.

He is going to get me the VIN # and data plate information when he goes to look at it again. Hopefully, some pictures of it also. He said right now, he thinks it is a good candidate for a restoration, but if it stays there to long, the rust will get to it. He wants to see about buying it, not to restore it himself, but to save it from destruction from the elements and time, and to see if someone wants to buy it from him to restore it themselves. He knows that it is somewhat of a rare car with the Golde Top, 430 engine in it and a continental kit! It looks like it has all the bells and whistles on it, all power, about everything you could want.

This Tbird is in Washington state, not far from where Doug lives.

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