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Just receieved the Feb 1958 issue of Popular Science (no remarks about how slow the mail is my way .... )

On page 180 is a section "What's New" and announces the following:

If you like the sun and fresh air enough to spend $300-500, you can have a sliding roof installed in your car, station wagon or even cabin boat. Two styles, metal and fabric, are made by the Golde Body Parts and you can even have your choice of manual or automatic electric operation.

The accompanying photo is of a station wagon. It is still hard to tell if it has a windbar or not. I think it does. At any rate the above paragraph gives me a good sense of the origin of the windbar concept: boats!! Such hardware is common to boats and if Golde was marketing their product to that community as well, then adapting the idea to cars makes alot of sense and also may have provided an easy source for a prototype windbar, with appropriate modification to the curve of the TBird roof.


How things have changed: the magazine is a packed 288 pages for a mere 35 cents! Page 122 happens to have an article on the new Thunderbird: "T-Bird Now Totes 4" and discusses the design issues and compromises that went into the car.

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