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Some new history today! Automotive milesposts has a relatively extensive discussion of Golde Top development, including testing of a prototype in January of 1959. This may be read at and is most interesting stuff for those of you so inclined.

The story goes that Ford was approached by Golde and Company in 1957 regarding their sun roof feature. Golde had opened a new office in Detroit with the intention of having the American automobile manufacturers offer their sun roof. Ford was interested, and during the Fall of 1957 and Winter of 1958, Ford engineers adapted hardware for the sun roof that would work with the Thunderbird roof structure. Mockups were made and by January 1959 a working sun roof prototype unit had been fitted to a 1959 Thunderbird Hardtop. William Clay Ford, Product Planner Donald Petersen, and Thunderbird Stylist Bill Boyer met at the Dearborn Test Track on a frigid January day for a test drive in the prototype car

Thus there were 1958 Squarebirds at Ford with Golde tops, and perfectly possible that Golde would have photographed one for their own literature!

(I also remain puzzled as to why literature always refers to Golde as having patented the sunroof when there is documented evidence of an American patent in 1938 - E.G. Simpson -; perhaps the patent Golde had originated in Germany).

Unfortunately, Automotive Mileposts does not provide sources for it's article, making it hard to research further - common problem of the Internet.

Golde Top fans may enjoy the following TV commercial on YouTube: .Not only is it in color but you get to watch the sliding roof in use from the inside! (you have to wait 4 minutes to get past another Ford commercial). Those of us who are dog lovers will enjoy the owner hopping in his TBird with his rather large canine companion in the passenger seat!

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