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You have there one beautiful 'Bird, and I am sure she flies!
To address your question, No, there is nothing more to say,
regarding the earliest of early days of this site.
Your car looks just like Alexander's car.
Personally speaking....MY favorite Thunderbird, if I dare say
so, would be a 1966 Convertible with the hard tonneau cover
with the two headrests (padded) built into the front of the
headrest "humps". There was a rose or a lilac color that I
recall flipping over, and I really wanted toorder a new one,
but....I was 20 years old, in college, and had enough money to
probably purchase JUST the Tonneau Cover!!
Such is life...
BTW, I sold cars/trucks for 27 years. All 27 of those years, with MOPAR
I.C.D. & P (Imperial, Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth & Dodge Trucks.)
Yes, I miss Alexander, alot. I do not miss selling cars, however.
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