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I am sad, today. Alexander and I met on a different car-board, a long time ago. He had a Thunderbird to which there was no dedicated computer site for other like minded folks, with interest in, or a car in the garage, like his. That being a 1958, 59 and 60 T-Bird.
Because of their "squarness" in shape, he named the site Squarebirds!
When the site was all ready to "go public" ~ he asked me to be the first member. WHAT? WHY? I have never owned a Thundrbird of
ANY year. Alexander said that didn't matter, and good people with an interest could join evwn if they had NO car. He even gave me a free pass to membership and I became the very first member.
Alexander & I spoke daily over this medium. I did not know much about Squarebirds, so Alexander fed me questions to my e-mail and I'd ask him the question publicly on this site, to which Alexander would reply to me.
That's how we got the place we all enjoy today. The old Little by little....
So, while I still have never owned a T-Bird (I have a Cadillac, a Lincoln and 2 Mustangs & 1 Mercury Capri and a Final Edition Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
...but I have come to know a heck of alot about Squarebirds!!

so, as the very first honored member, I have always been dedicated to this site, in the memory of my friend, Alexander.

Here is our sign-in page, to this site:

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Yes, we went "public" on Halloween!!

So, 'ya, I miss him alot, and we had some really good times together and it was all cut too short, too soon.
"I miss 'ya, Doctor.

Luv Ya,
Still here, for ya
Sandy (or as you'd call me, "Sanford")

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