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Cool Doing it right now!

I'm doing the C-6 right now, and it's pretty straightforward, so far. I have a '60 crossmember and a '67 crossmember..tomorrow I will bolt the '60 crossmember under the C-6 without a mount, and measure the geometry required to cannabilize the '67 and weld it into the '60 for the proper connection to the C-6. You have to also use the block spacer which was mounted between FE's and the C-6 from later models. I've used a new 67 C-6 torque converter, flywheel and starter.
Outside of this, there arte some linkage mds that must be accomplished, and there is some documentation here on Squarebirds that show it, but I have not gotten there yet. I'll post again after I've jumped through that hoop.

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