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Default I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!

A bit ago, I checked my mail and found an envelope in it from Julie Sosiak! There were two CD's in it. One of them has a lot of Tbird pix and stuff that I have never seen before! As time permits, I will post the interesting ones on this Forum. It also has the Squarebirds Website settings, and a Zip File of a lot more things.

On the other one, was a folder labeled Squarebirds. On that CD are 13,615 files in 370 folders! I made a quick check of six missing files on the Home page Technical Tips that I have been looking for. Of the six, I have found four! I hope I will be able to find the other two with some more digging. I figure that if those four are there, then the rest of the missing files that go with them are probably there also.

Not only are the graphics there, but all the website files that run the Forum it looks like! Html files, logs, you name it! Julie says she gave me everything off Alexander's PC that she could find that applied to Thunderbirds and Squarebirds. I think I might have gotten it all! I am in 7th Heaven! We owe Julie a big thanks for taking the time to search for these files, getting them copied off, and sending them to me. I have already saved them on my backup hard drive and will make some more copies of them for safekeeping by other administrators.

As soon as I see what all I have, I will start the process of recovering those broken links or Technical Tips.

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