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Several of you have commented that the wording Yellow Rose Of Texas on my display sign was not big or wide enough. So I had it redone! It is now six inches wider and I think looks better. There are two new pix on the trunk work web page to replace the ones that was there. Click on the Technical link below to see them.

This coming week, we will start the disc brake/dual mc/power booster/mounting bracket conversion on Rose. When we are finished, she will probably throw me through the windshield the first time I go to brake and forget that I have disc brakes on her now!

All the parts have been bought and gathered up for installation. More details about that later on. Both myself and Howard Prout are doing this modification, and will be recording in words and pictures how to make these two conversions. Both of us have the added problem of having Tbirds with AC in them, but it looks like we found the right bracket to get around that. And we both are using 14" rims, but not the original ones that came on the car. Disk brake ready rims off a disc brake equipped Granada.

I have met with a very good automotive paint company here that comes highly recommended by Lou Paliani of VTCI. We discussed paint design details the last couple of days, color of paint, type of paint and other things. I left him some designs of how I wanted her painted and he is going over them. As soon as the brake work is done, and tested, she is going into the paint shop for a couple of months. After that, she is pretty much done, except for some minor improvements I want to make on her.

I thought I would add to this that the owners of the paint & body shop went over Rose's body very thoroughly. Using their eyes and their hands, they detected very little wrong with her. They said the body looks straight, no waffling, and for her age, she looks to be in pretty great shape. They did find some small amount of rust on the lower section of the body on the drivers side, but they said that will be easy to fix. So, unless there is something hiding under the paint, (which they said was still in pretty good shape), they think she will be in good condition.

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