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>Interesting, Antique auto battery says the VTCI is WRONG...
>batteries off the line in 1960 for the T-Bird did NOT HAVE
>any colored letters at all, only the raised black rubber.
>After marker batteries in stores in 1960 DID have red or
>yellow letters...
>This one is confusing.

AND --

>I know there are many who are trying to revise the judging
>rules as some of the rules are based on dogma not fact.
>There is an NOS Power Punch battery form 1964 on eBay right
>now. The lettering on the side is definitely not painted.
>1959 Hardtop
>1960 Golde Top

See, this I would tend to believe more. I can see aftermarket battery sellers offering them with colored lettering, and I can also see Ford using colored lettering in their adverts ... but that doesn't mean they came from the factory that way.
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