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Default RE: "CORRECT" battery for a 60 Bird

I reviewed my parts book and will list the sizes ect for the 58/59 batteries.

amp dimensions color
58 battery
55 12.5X 8.90X 5.50 red caps
65 12.5X 8.03X 5.47 silver caps
70 11.97X 8.03X 6.78 yellow caps

59 battery
55 13.0X 8.90X 5.5 red caps
65 13.0X 8.90X 5.5 silver caps
70 12.5X 8.90X 6.78 yellow caps

The parts book says painted the same color as the cap. Your choice to paint or not to paint.
The dimensions while slightly different for these 2 years the 60 follows a similar change year to year. That is why I did not say you have an exact reproduction. You have one that is close and no way one can tell the difference by looking at it. But if you have the larger size then you need yellow caps.

Hope this helps.
Sun Prairie, Wi.
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