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I had San Jose Radiator build me a 4 row. Yes 4 row cores are available, then they just re-use your side tanks.
The core is slightly wider.
I run that, the 7 blade flex and the Dearborn Classics f/shroud.
I have been stuck in traffic on a 95 deg day , and the guage NEVER went past the middle (195-200 in mine) Normally, my car runs btwn a buck 60 and a buck 80 all the time. Idling . . . Freeway . . . whatever.

I want to say the radiator cost me $250.

I will at some point find a metal Galaxie or Mercury shroud and install a metal OE fan (7 blade-non clutch) for a slightly more orig look.
John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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