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I had quite a time this afternoon. I got away from here a bit later than I wanted to. I had neighbors come across the street to see the interior and trunk before I could get away. Then I had to stop and gas up. While there, I was getting thumbs up and "I love your Tbird, Dude" comments while filling up. As I was driving, I was getting thumbs up, and people rolling down their windows and hollering at me that they loved my car. Going up IH-35 to our meeting, I had people behind me taking pictures of me ahead of them on their cell phone cameras. Some even drove up next to me on either side and the passengers were giving me thumbs up signs and nice car comments.

It was pretty windy here today, and I had to watch my driving. The old power steering on these Birds does not compare to the newer power steering we have today. She drove well though, stayed cool, and I drove with the windows down because it was nice out. I got lost getting there, and had to backtrack a bit to find our new meeting place, so I was about 20-25 minutes late getting there. There were going around the room when I got there, each telling what they owned in the way of a Tbird. When it got to my time, I told them I had a '59 Tbird, "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" or "Tweety Bird", as she is becoming to be known. And that she was parked out front! That got their attention. They have only seen her once, I think, and that was shortly after I got her.

So after the meeting, we went out to look her over and I open her up, trunk, and engine bay, and they loved what they saw. They thought she was beautifully done. Lou Paliani said he thought that was the best ever interior job he had ever seen. Coming from the 8 year president of VTCI, that is quite the complement because he has probably seen thousands of Tbirds on display during judging. Danny is going to love that! They loved what I had done with the interior and the trunk. They thought the dashpad was neat, as was the roses. They loved the trunk the way it was done, and got a kick out of my yellow jack box, with the yellow jack parts laid out in it. They also like the idea we came up with on keeping the trunk lid up so you can see the big Tbird there, which they thought was a really neat thing. Then the wind caught the trunk lid, bent the bottle opener, causing the lid to shut some. I thought that was going to work, but I am going to have to find a piece of steel, like a chisel with a sharp end on it, to slip between the coils. That should never bend! I have one I never use, so if it works, it might be the new replacement.

After they left, and as I was about to leave, more people pulled up to go into eat and saw my car. So I spent about another half an hour there letting them look it over. They all thought it was the neatest thing they had seen, loved the interior and the trunk, and the chrome dress up kit on the engine. On my way back home, I was getting more thumbs up, and more "Great looking car, Dude" comments from people driving by me. I also got some honks, but I was not sure that was because I was going to slow for them, or they were honking because they liked what they were seeing. Probably both!

Thanks for all the nice comments. Much appreciated!

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