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If only i still had my Babies in the garage, The PALM SPRING ROSE ONE NOW LIVES IN IRELAND, and as you may have read the WHITE J CODE LOVE BOAT SADLY WAS LOST TO A FIRE, but is being bebuilt!!! by a fellow TBird lover and i look forward to seeing it one day but he is very brave!.

My 1960 Aquamarine and white!! convertible is near full concours rebuild thou and is just stunning!, but the car has had to take a back shelf for a wile as Rachel has been extreamly ill this year to the point of us nearly losing her.
So treasure those photos i gave you in PA a few years back as sadly that beautiful original J Bird is no more, but RM Auctions have a nice j code drop top for auction in JAN 2010...STUNNER!!

I have to say that once my convertible is fully finished i will be on the hunt for a mint Golde! or something i can make mint condition again, oh yeah J code option greatly received but the soft top will go, and i do think the Aquamarine is just one of the most stunning colour options on this car! so heads up Europe and you Swedes i know you like the good stuff! and i do not build crap! i would say i over spend on my cars but hey! dont we all
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