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Default "Deluxe" Dealer Brochure

A big thanks to Marco (DutchBird) for locating an outstanding example of the 16 page 60 Thunderbird "deluxe" dealer brochure for me. I bounced around about the purchase long enough that the seller reduced the price by 10% and that's all it took. Got it in the mail today and have been looking it over for an hour now. Great pics and info.

Some things I notice in the brochure that tell us a little about the manufacture process and dealer installed options are:

- None of the cars shown in the brochure have A/C although it is listed on the options page. You would think that that would be shown to sell the option.
- A convertible shown has a radio with the trunk mount antenna - no blank plate or antenna on the fender so it appears it could be ordered from the factory that way.
-A close-up of a hard top shows no day/night mirror but is listed as standard equipment - you would think that by '60 they would have those day/night mirrors on the photo cars. Also listed as standard were the clock, dome or courtesy lights, cigarette lighter, coat hooks...etc.
- The visored mirrors are listed as optional as well as Adjust-o-rings. The visored mirrors in the brochure are shown the the fender and an Adjust-o-ring is shown on the door.
- Glove box and Luggage lights are listed as an option.
- Did you know you could get a white Tbird with a blue roof? There are "Nineteen rich single colors for the exterior....15 harmononizing interior trims....3 distinctive convertible top colors.. and no less than 56 two tone hardtop combinations." I never knew there were so many color options.

Lots of fun looking at this brochure - if you ever get a chance to pick one up I would recommend it.

Thanks Marco!
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