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Default bcomo's '60 Black Raven Flew The Coop!!!

It is with considerable sadness that I tell you that Bart - bcomo has sold his '60 430MEL beautiful Black Raven. No longer will it grace the streets of San Antonio... A couple of weeks ago or so, he was contacted by a prospective buyer and that led to the buyer having a locally based classic car evaluator visit Bart to inspect the car earlier this week. This gentleman has been evaluating classic cars for many years. He is 85 and still doing it! When he was finished he gave Bart the report. He had evaluated it at a 9+++ out of a scale of 10! I think he told Bart that it was one of the best restored cars he had ever seen. That clinched the deal! Arrangements are being made for the transporting of the car.

On the other hand, it is with considerable gladness that I can tell you that someone in Queensland, Australia is going to get one of the best '60 430MEL Black Ravens left in the world! And we, hopefully, will get a new member from Down Under! Bart has told him about and he should be joining us. I don't know how long it takes for ya'll Down Under to get a car in, but I figure it will be a couple of months. The gentleman in Australia is getting a steal of a deal and one terrific car. He will not have to fix it, work on it, or restore it. All he has to do is drive it and maintain it. When you get an evaluation like Black Raven did, that is something else! Yellow Rose should be so lucky! Maybe one of these days.

I am sorry to see her go, as Bart is, but we are happy that she will be getting a new life in Australia, traveling new highways and byways (on the wrong side of the road!) Errr, excuse me. I think the Aussies feel like the Brits do. They drive on the CORRECT side of the road, while we Americans drive on the RIGHT side of the road!

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