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an old (junk)car that I have standing around is an old nissan bluebird from ´86 from my son. I can take the washing system from that for the time being and adapt it a bit. It is just the (patriotic) idea that those T-birds and other American cars were a 100% American made, all parts etc, nothing came from a 'foreign land´, just the idea of keeping it that way as much as I can.

I've lived in the US a long time (Santa Cruz, Ca) so I still have my old address there which I can use, were a friend lives now. So I collect all the parts that I need by the shops and ebay and have them shipped there. Twice a year my friend has a company container that is going to Europe any to his company and my collected parts go with it. Saves me on shipping especially the heavy stuff.

I still think about wire wheels and some new white-wall tires, see if there are any winter tires in white-walls (winter tires but without studs is ok because I won't be driving it in the middle of the winter here on the arctic circle.

Interesting facts about my car, it was once owned by Ken Harkema from Ken's classics (he worked on the program 'overhaulin' a few times). who sold it to Germany. Years, later,last year, I purchased it from Germany and brought it to Finland.
Somebody had previously put a 302 engine in it, but the previous owner just before I bought it, delivered an original 352 with it(came out of a galaxie). The gearbox is a FMX from 1967 (with alu bell housing chrome) probably came from a mustang???

carb. is a 1850-3 (4160) holley also from 1967 I believe. But it will work ok I think.

thanks again for the pics.

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