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Your last words tell the whole story:
Originally Posted by DKheld View Post
... Never will go back to drums...Eric
It tickles me, you are so happy with your conversion. There are different ways to do this. Bottom line is, for about a grand, you have power disk brakes! Please tell me, was it worth it? I should really ask you in a few months, after you have more history with your setup. (But I think I know the answer.)

I didn't hear any problems with front-end allignment, either.

The difference in stopping is dramatic. No pull, no fade, they dry immediately; they act like modern car brakes because they are. I will never go back to drums again, either.
Good Job, Eric. I love your pictures. They are big, in-focus, and exposed perfectly. Thank You so much for sharing.

BTW, what do you think of the idea of selling your brake bending and flareing tools to the next member IF you are never going to use them again? Just a thought.

Today, I bought a ball joint tapered reamer. I don't need it for myself, but I thought of renting it to anyone who uses the Granada-type spindles. That way it won't cost them the $80 Fat Man charged you. I figure I could rent it for $15. Oh, and if anyone needs a genuine Ford combination valve (at a good price), contact Ray or me. - Dave
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