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Default Granada conversion

Got my modified booster from Booster Dewy (Power Brake Booster Exchange)
approx $300 but I did not exchange mine just bought it outright so I could keep my original one - under the hood booster only - modified from the 4 bolt old style master to accept the 2 bolt disc/drum master.

Granada spindles from a local junk yard $125

Machine work on Granada spindles $80 - Fat Man Fabrications

Granada calipers $40, Granada Rotors with bearings $80 - both from Advance Auto

Front flex lines $50, proportioning (combo) valve $140 - Master Power Brake Mooresville NC

Banjo bolts for the front flex lines $20 - some speed shop in California - can't remember the name of the place but it was the only place I could find at the time that had the right length and thread pitch.

Pads $20, Master Cyl (Lincoln Mark IV?) $25, Steel lines, misc ends for lines, grease and grease caps $40 - NAPA

4 Ford LTD wheels $100 - different junkyard

Alignment $75.

Total conversion around $1095 not including time and tools bought to bend/flare brake line. Could put it back original if I wanted - no holes drilled or modifications that can't be reversed. Never will go back to drums.

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