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Default Radiator interchange

I am in the process of changing my old deteriorated radiator and have read about all the preveous posts on this subject. I know that Griffin makes an exact replacement but they are too pricy for me. I don't want to spend $500 for a replacement or do a recore job of a stock radiator that was so inefficient to start with. I read in one of the posts that a 81 tbird radiator will work. I need specifics as to what needs to be done for this replacement. If this era tbird radiator will work then a 1980-88 tbird and a 1980-92 mustang radiator will work since they are all the same. All aluminum 2 row aftermarket radiators for these year mustangs are plentiful. The costs are about 140-180 price range. I need to know if any of you members have done this swap. If so I need details. I have measured the old one and from the looks of it there is a lot of room for another close in size radiator to fit. I don't want to do any cutting of the subframe or support brackets.

I am also upgrading the brake system to disc brakes on the front so putting an aftermarket all aluminum radiator is not a problem. I don't want to modify my bird so much that it can not be put back to origional in the future. I will keep the old radiator and all the other origional parts so if someone after me could conceivably put it back to origional condition .

Thanks , Gary
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