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I hope you live close enough to get some pix of that white and blue ostrich resto - sounds intriguing!

I can imagine they do a lot of business, talent is not easily come across, and these two have PLENTY!
I am green with envy and jealously

an even easier thought just came to mind...he could remove the clear covers, and spray paint an outline of the rose onto the clear cover, he can decide under or on top, depending on material or method of application....

And while I am on the subject of suggestions...LOL
for the trunk...thinking along the lines of as PLAIN as you can get, LOL - by this viewing point in time, folks are going to be over-whelmed with the color and flash
Picture this:
Black borders
A centered block of Yellow and White squares - kinda like the original grey and black trunk interior - only the yellow and black actually form a TRUE checker board!
Your playing pieces can be bought or made, to have handy at the S and S's!
( the rest of the trunk detailing will fall into place I hope, since I don't have a clue right now, just picturing you beating everyone at checkers, LOL )

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